How to close my 6year old ICICI Prudential Policy

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I have a ICICI Prudential Ulip Policy named “Life Time Super” which I had taken in October 2006 & its been close to 6years. I pay a premium of 50k per year & its been constantly depreciating in value. How can i close this policy, please help, since I am paying a monthly premium

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  1. Abhijith says:

    Thanks Ashal!
    I have dropped a mail to the mail id you have given asking them to discontinue premium payments. Here is the mail copy:

    I have a ICICI Prudential Life Time Super Policy with Customer Number: #######
    I want to discontinue the premium payment for the policy immediately.
    Since I have completed more than 5years of this policy, I am eligible to discontinue without any penalty.
    I am presently having an auto debit from my account which needs to be terminated immediately.


    I shall post the update here soon 🙂

    1. Dear Abhijit, Please keep us updated.



  2. Abhijith says:

    Thanks Manish
    For the time being I wouldn’t mind just stopping the payment & letting the money remain there, since that would act as an insurance cover & I could sell off the units at a later time.
    But I would like to stop making premium payments IMMEDIATELY & their representatives weren’t helpful, unless I agree to take a new plan with them 🙁

    1. Dear Abhijit, please local branch of IPru life in your city with an application to stop your prem. Submit the same there & wait for 15 days or so.

      Alternatively you may write a e-mail to customer care of IPru from your registered e-mail id.



  3. Closing the policy means taking out all the money and closing the relationship all together. Just stopping the payment will not CLOSE the policy , So sell all your units and tell company that you are closing it . Did you enquire at the customer care ?

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