How to find date of opening of EPF account ?

POSTED BY Sriharsha Aswathanarayan ON March 19, 2015 12:54 pm COMMENTS (7)

The PF component in my salary was included after a few years of joining the company. Till then the salary slip also did not show any PF component.

After working for many years in the company and coming out of it, how can I find out as to when an EPF account was opened for me by my previous company?

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  1. Vibhor says:

    You can find your DoJ of EPF on their portal:

  2. Aziz says:

    My pf opening date I want to know

    1. How can we help on this ?

  3. DHANANJOY says:

    How can I know my Epf account starting date?

    1. That you will have to check using RTI to EPFO !

  4. Bunker says:

    If you now know your PF account number from your salary slip, you can write to the EPFO by raising a grievance and ask them some questions.

    My PF Account Number:
    My joining date at :

    a) As per EPFO records, please provide the PF account opening date of my PF account number held in your office
    b) Please provide me the PF closing balance as on 31-Mar-2015.


  5. Hemanth says:

    Ideally, any company has to share the statement of PF with the employee atleast yearly…. if it is not done, then ask them to give the statement of the same….

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