How to get KYC compliance form

POSTED BY webgenius ON January 3, 2011 7:46 am COMMENTS (2)

Hello all,

I am KYC compliant. But I do not have the KYC compliance form with me. I have misplaced it somewhere and am not able to find it.

However I verified that my PAN number is KYC compliant.

Now, how do I get a form saying that I am KYC compliant?

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  1. webgenius says:

    Hi Srikanth,

    YES. MF companies expect KYC compliance proof. Hence the query.

    Your answer finally gives me some relief. I hope that the MF companies accept the print of the webpage as good enough proof.

  2. I presume mutual fund companies have asked you to submit KYC compliance proof, and hence your request. Please go to, click on ‘KYC Inquiry’ and type in your pan number. You can take a screen shot printout of the window that says ‘Verified’ on it with your name and produce it as a proof of your KYC registration.

    Actually, mutual fund companies will start doing this on their own starting today (hopefully), and you would not be bothered in this regard.


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