How to invest 50 K for 2 years

POSTED BY Sudarshana ON January 24, 2011 1:14 pm COMMENTS (6)


I am writing here for the first time.I would be glad if you kindly guide me in making my financial planning.

Currently I am having 50 K with me,which I want to invest so that I can get atleast 65K by the end of Dec-2012.

Please suggest where to invest.





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  1. says:


    Its good that you are clear that you want money after 2 years. No one can guarantee protection is you choose to put money in Balanced Fund. But if you have decided to invest in a balanced fund, consider investing in a fund which protects your capital in the event of a downtrend, so that when you are taking money out after 18-21 months from now, you have a lesser chance of undesirable outcome.

    Tata Balanced, HDFC Childrens Gift Investment Plan & Birla Sun Life 95 Fund are proven to be safer schemes in a downtrend kind of market environment.


  2. Sohil says:

    14% guaranteed cagr is really tough to say.

    Infact it all depends on risk.

    If you least interested to take risk and want safe haven try commodities like gold ,silver and part in fds(as rates are attractive now).

    Though tax-wise it wont be that efficient if you go for bars of gold/silver.

    But it all depend whether you want to show it in your book of record or not.

  3. Sudarshana says:

    @ Manish
    Thankx a lot for you reply…!
    I am planning to deposit 25 K in FD and another 25K in Balanced fund….
    Now plz suggest which Balanced fund would be best as per your analysis…


    1. DSPBR Balanced and HDFC prudence are recommended as part of MINT 50 . I have personally not looked at them in detail , but you can trust them


  4. Sudarshana

    Its a question you dont need anyone help on if you consider some basics , you have 2 yrs in hand and you want to make 50k into 65k , If you do small maths , you are actually saying , you want to genereate 14% retunr in 2 yrs .

    Now what gives you assured returns of 14% per annum ? NOTHING !

    Which means you have to take risk … If you dont take risk , you might not make more than 7% (post tax) , but you are able to take risk ,then balanced funds , debt oriented funds are your choice 🙂


  5. Anand says:

    If you want to convert 50k into 65k by dec 2012, then you need to earn 14.5% returns annually. (CAGR).

    Although this is possible, this is not guaranteed. You can invest in two of the best performing mutual funds and then hope for the best. Another option is company FDs where some companies are giving 12% returns.

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