How to know the return % ?

POSTED BY Pavan Talwani ON December 13, 2012 5:36 pm ONE COMMENT

I invested in ICICI- life time super pension  plan in 2007, 2008 & 2009 each year 2 lakh (total 6 lakh). Current value is as follows.

Fund Name
NAV (INR) # Units Fund Value (INR)
Pension Maximiser Fund II 42.62 7697.07843 328049.4814
Pension Protector Fund II 18.3108 15535.75959 284472.1869
Pension Balancer Fund II 25.39 8663.11061 219956.3781
Total 832478/- 

My question is –
1) How to know the return % on my investment ?
2)Can I invest more in above funds ?

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  1. Your rate of return is about 7% per annum (based on assumptions regarding the exact date of investment in each of your investment years). You can find it yourself using the calculator here:

    My advice would be to not continue, but there are many factors involved (tax situation etc) that you’d be better off consulting an advisor.



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