How to pay tax online and what are charges applicable

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I have filed income returns for the last financial year 2011-12 and it showed that i have to pay some additional tax of Rs.3550/- for which the income tax department has issued order to me just 2 days back.

So, i have tried to pay tax online through 280 form but confused with some columns of surcharge,education cess, interest, penalty, others. Pls help me what are the charges will be applicable for my case.

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  1. Bineet says:

    I filed return for AY 13-14 in 2013 and i got refund of Rs 780. In March 2015, i revised it and actual refund which i am supposed to get comes out to be 620. So i got outstanding tax demand of 160RS which i have to pay.

    I will do it using challan 280 (i hope i am right). But my question is how do i break this 160 into different categories like educational cess, surcharge, others, penalty etc. Kindly let me know.

  2. Ovi V says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks for the reply. It’s been a great help. Appreciate your help.


  3. Dear Ovi, please put 16970 Rs. figure in basic tax cell & pay this tax lump sum,



  4. Ovi V says:


    I’m facing somewhat similar situation to pay self assessment tax. I am confused what need to be filled up while paying self assessment tax online. The bank’s page shows some columns like Basic Income Tax, Education Cess, Penalty, etc. Now in my case, some of the tax is already deducted at source. Following are my queries after filling up the ITR-1 form.
    1) The ITR-1 form shows education cess, penalty etc. for total tax. For example following is my total tax break up.
    Tax Paid (Deducted at source)- Rs. 7447
    Tax Payable on Total Income – Rs. 22672
    Education Cess – Rs. 680
    Total Tax and Education Cess – Rs. 23352
    Interest (234/B + 234/C) – 1065 (477 + 588)
    Total Tax and Interest – Rs. 24420

    So my self assessment tax is Rs. 24420 – 7447 = Rs. 16970

    Following are my questions.
    1) What is the basic tax to be paid on bank’s website column? Is this Rs. 16970?
    2) Education cess – Is this need to be Rs. 680 or calculated separately for Rs. 16970 or left blank?
    3) Penalty or Interest – Is this Rs. 1065 or calculated separately on Rs. 16970 or left blank?


  5. bemoneyaware says:

    Steps for paying through Challan 280.
    Step1 : On TIN NSDL webpage Select Challan 280.
    Step 2: Enter details such as a) PAN for payment of Tax. b) Address of the taxpayer c) Assessment Year d) Major Head Code e) Minor Head Code f) Type of payment g) Select the bank name from the drop down provided. TIN NSDL webpage of Authorised Bank is list of banks through which one can do e-Payment of tax.

    For individual Select 0021 : INCOME-TAX (OTHER THAN COMPANIES)
    Type of payment depends on why you are paying income tax.

    100 for Advance Tax
    400 for Tax on Regular Assessment for making any payment only when demand has been raised by Income Tax Department.

    On the payment page, you need to break up the tax payable into its components, i.e. “Income Tax” and “Education Cess” etc. There is no Surcharge for FY 2012-13 and education cess is 3%.
    So if total tax payable Rs. 10,000, the Income Tax component is (10,000 / 1.03) i.e. Rs. 9,709, and Education Cess is Rs. 291 (3% of Rs. 9709).
    Faced the same problem hence explained in detail in our article Paying Income Tax : Challan 280 . Hope it helps

  6. Dear Mohan, the exact amount of tax to be paid by you is already given in the Order received by you. Please pay that much tax. Please put al the amount in the tax cell itself & do not break it into cess, penalty etc.



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