How to rectify the wrong measurement in the document with registration authorities?


Dear sir,
I own a 600Sq.yds site which was purchased 30 years back. Now I want to sale it or want to give for development. When I approached the builder he raised a point, that in the document the measurements were wrongly mentioned as 597 sq.yds and the width and length were also mentioned wrongly which was not observed by me at the time of purchase due to lack of knowledge. But physically the site in my possession was exactly 600sq.yds. in the link document it was clearly mentioned that the site is a 600 sq.yds site. Recently I got the copy of the plan, and in that plan also the plot was mentioned as 600 sq.yds. Now my question is, can I rectify the document by approaching the registered authorities with the plant and link document? is it mandatory to get the sign of seller for this (because it is not possible as the purchase was took place long back and not known about the seller whereabouts). Is there any provision with the registration department for this type of problems. Please kindly guide me
Thanks in advance

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  1. Dear Chakraverthi K, No reason to worry if you want to sell. Please go ahead with the sell proceeds & at the time of registration, quote the correct details. For the discrepancies from your purchase deed, the approved plan & other govt. record can be produce in support of the correct measurement.



    1. CHAKRAVARTHI K says:

      Dear Ashal

      First of all thank you very much for your quick response.

      In the government records (i.e, with the Registration Department – Encumbrance Certificate) also it was mentioned as 597 sq.yds. If I wish to go for development, then the builder says that only 4 floors will be allowed as per the measurement of 597 sq.yds. If it is 600 sq.yds then you can built 5 floors. Here because of this 3 sq.yds I am going to loose nearly 30-40 lakhs even though the physical site is 600 Sq.yds. Bur recordedly it was 597 Sq.yds.

      1. Dear Chakravarthi, for the given case, my take ‘ll be to contact an advocate in your city to do the needful. Yes it’s possible to rectify the mistake but it’s a bit of admin as well as technical issue & I’m not a competent person for this.



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