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Hi Experts,

I recently come across this website and have found it very useful. 

I have very less knowledge about the personal finance although i have few investments in LIC, FDs etc. But now i want to invest in stock market (equity, mutual funds etc). So, can you please refers few links which i can study before entering into the stock market. 


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  1. Tarun Aggarwal says:

    Thanks bharat for your prompt reply. Im going thru various post by manish and reading the user’s comments. I must appreciate manish for this.
    This is really a wonderful forum to educate people like me.


  2. bharat shah says:

    better first you know basics of personal finance , such as before investing for predefined goals, you should have optimum term life insurance, health insurance(mediclaim), emergancy fund etc. you should review your present investment in fd and lic. particularly ,if you have alrready taken life insurance other than term life insurance, you should better replace it by term insurance policy and get existing policies ,if any, surrendered/paid up after calculating the benefits by such switch. simultaneously you can have some asset allocation, such as equity, cash, bond, gold/silver,realty as per your choice for your investment, and also understand balancing of such asset allocation. for equity better go through indirect route, diversified equity mf . and are good sites for mf.

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