How to surrender LIC PROFIT PLUS policy?

POSTED BY J9 ON December 25, 2012 11:07 pm COMMENTS (7)


Can you please provide me steps to surrender LIC Profit Plus ULIP policy?

Thanks much in advance!



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  1. J9 says:

    I googled and explored LIC website but couldn’t find surrender form. LIC doesn’t provide surrender form on their website. I think I should get scanned copy from local branch.

    Thanx Ashal & Manish!

  2. J9

    Downloan the surrender form and whatever you need to submit .you can also send it by Reg. POST to the LIC office main branch where you had that policy . It will be processed . Just make sure you keep a note of the acknowledgement number of the registered post , that way , in future if anything goes wrong , you can enquire with reference to that registered number and also take help of RTI if required


  3. Biswa Singh says:

    Ashal Ji,

    Its gr8 to see here after a long time. Many people missed you in this forum though we tried our best to fill you.

  4. Dear j9, please download the form from LIC site. In case you ate unable to locate please ask any friend to send you the scan image after getting the form from local lic office .



  5. J9 says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Yes, it has completed more than 3 years and it is eligible to surrender. I’m out of country and couldn’t visit the branch to get surrender form. Can you please tell me where to download surrender form?

    Thanks Ashal for your time!

  6. Dear J9, first of all please read the policy document for completion of minimum term to be eligible for surrender. In case you are eligible, please visit LIC branch with your policy bond, fill up surrender form at the branch & the NEFt form along with a canceled cheque to get surrender amount directly into your bank acct. that’s it.



  7. J9 says:

    It would be very helpful to me if somebody shares their knowledge about surrendering LIC ULIP policy.

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