How to switch over to SBI housing loan current rates

POSTED BY Vamsi ON September 11, 2012 3:14 pm COMMENTS (4)

I have taken SBI housing loan 1 year back and right now i am paying with interest rate 11%..


I heard the current rate of interest is 10.25% and i can convert mine to it by paying 1% of the oustanding amount..


How can i do it?

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  1. Anupam Mehta says:

    Ashal , can you help me with this:
    When we pay and change to the new interest rates, does our margin money % (i.e currently 1% for me), also change for the remaining tenure of the loan ?
    Currently my interest rate is 9.75 %(base rate)+1 %(margin money) = 10.75%
    With the change will it be like 9.75 %(base rate)+0.25 %(margin money) = 10%
    Can you pls help ?

  2. Dear Vamsi, for the desired conversion please contact your SBI branch from where you had applied for your home loan.



    1. Vamsi says:

      Is there any other way other than going to bank, as i cant go to the bank for next 2 months as i am out of the place for now..

      1. Dear Vamsi, there ‘ll be a new loan agreement between you & your bank. So your physical presence is compulsory. In case it’s a joint loan, please check with your bank that in your absence, can your loan ROI be reduced, under the signature of joint loanee only?



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