How to test quality of Under construction buildings?

POSTED BY Vikas Sharma ON January 12, 2011 2:08 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Experts,

I’ve booked a flat in Mumbai and builder would be commnecing construction work soon.

This is our dream house and hence dont want any stones un-turned. Builder is reputed and has completed quality projets in past, i still want to be doubly sure and cautious.

With recent wrong doings by most reputed developers (See the case of Hiranandani for PF fraud, illegal land grabbing by most builders et all), i wish to appoint some consultant / technically competent architech / engineer who would do quality certification on my behalf.

He should check for

a) Quality of materials,

b) Design flaws (If any),

c) Check whether structure is truly earthquate resistant, rain water harvesting system is proper etc as committed by builder.

d) Safety features installed are properly functioning like fire fighting, emergency evacuation etc.

Do we have any agency or know any person who can certify / check all these, as i believe, once a buildig is constructed, then nothing much can be infered. So it makes sense to have these due diligence done well in advance.

We’re obviously willing to pay a price for this, if not too much.

We cannot rely on BMC officials and i dont want to rely on interested parties.

Can someone pl guide.


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  1. Atul says:

    Hi Vikas,

    This forum is about financial planning,investments etc.



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