How to transfer income tax file to a different city

POSTED BY Ramprakash ON July 17, 2012 8:06 pm COMMENTS (3)


I have moved to a Delhi form a different state and the new address is updated in PAN database.
However while checking the jurisdiction online, the AO of the old city is being reflected.

Can I file returns to the AO of Delhi? If so how? Also how do I find the new correct AO/Ward for Delhi?

As per the income tax site, there are 269 AO Codes for Delhi.

Many Thanks

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  1. Ramprakash says:

    Thanks Ashal.
    But are you sure?

    I have been also told that I need to write a letter to the previous AO requesting for transfer of IT File to new AO. And also post a copy of the letter to new AO.

    Also one more query.
    Like me, a colleague of mine has also moved to a new city. However he has NOT got the address updated in PAN database. So while filing ITR, should he enter the address as present in PAN database, or can he enter the new actual address.

    Thanks Again.

    1. Dear Ramprakash, the CPC data base ‘ll take your prev. Income Tax Officer detail as by default but as the processing is to be done at CPC itself, hence the question of transfer does not arise.

      The problem you may face ‘ll be only when there is any dispute or CPC transfers your case file to that old assessing officer.

      only at that time, you need to submit your request to transfer the AO.

      Regarding the address to be quoted in the ITR, please put your current contact address. In case CPC is not able to contact you through e-mail or from current quoted address, then only the PAN Database address ‘ll come into the picture.

      My personal advice ‘ll be to update the PAN Database for current residential address.



  2. Dear Ramprakash, please e-file your return. The problem ‘ll be solved automatically.



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