How to transfer PF when previous employer do not exist

POSTED BY Mustafizur Rahaman ON August 1, 2013 12:46 pm ONE COMMENT

I am currently working in my present organization for 2+ years. When I tried to do my PF transfer from previous employer, there is a complexity. Let me try to explain

After I resigned from my previous company (say it is “P”), it got aquired by “B” & then “B” again got acuired by “A”. But after some time, the parent company “A” had closed operations  w.r.t. “P”, i.e. in summary my previous company “P” does not exist any more today.

In this situation, is it possible for me to PF transfer to my current employer? I visited
but this link talks about PF withdrawal. I want to know how can I do PF transfer when my previous company is not existing any more..

I have also found http://localhost/jagoforum2/provident-fund-transfer-issue/8856/ on similar issue. So, is filing an RTI after submitting the tranfer form is the right approach?

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  1. In this case, I am assuming that you atleast know your old EPF account number. Do one thing. fill up the transfer form and send it along with a letter stating that the previous employer does not exist .

    then file a RTI stating that you have put a request and what needs to be done in that case.


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