How to withdraw/transfer PPF money to new account

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Hi All,

I had worked in an IT Comapny for 15 months in 2005-06. Unfortunately, as I had to join the new company and relocate within a short span of time I could not complete the formalities for EPF Withdrawl.
However I would like to get the funds transfered to my current company EPF account where I have been working all this while. Please could anyone guide me how to go about it as I have been told that for EPF a/c’s older than 3 years one needs to directly apply to the Regional PF Commision. It that true?
Also advise if it is better to withdraw the ammount instead of transfer.
Many thanks in advance.

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  1. deepika says:

    my sister had left her job in 2010 and at present she want to withdrawl her PF amount .. but facing difficulty to find the right procedure to withdrawl … please suggest some right step to do so

  2. Dear Adhip, you can take help of your existing employer to file for transfer of your EPF from old RPFO to new RPFO. Please fill that form 13 & see if possible with your current employer.



  3. Nitin Verma says:

    If the account is inactive for 3 years.. You also need to send this form on a 50 rupees Notary, the format ie the text that should be written on it can be taken from you the company for which you were working.. I too had to fill a notary coz i left Dell and didn’t touch the epf for over 3 years. Dell gave me a xerox of sample notary text which i then submitted along with the form. Now as far as submission is considered..check if your old company can submit it for u..if not you have to do it yourself.

    Nitin Verma

  4. I dont think there is any rule of 3 yrs like that .. you can just Fill form 13 and send it to EPF office (your jurisdiction) .

    Make sure you read about it a bit :


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