HSBC Fixed Term Series 79

POSTED BY shibu ra, ON March 23, 2011 5:49 pm COMMENTS (6)

How effective is it to invest in HSBC Fixed Term Series 79 which has no entry or exit load and

How safe is it to invest in Canara Robeco Fixed Maturity Plan – Series 6 – 13 Months (Plan B)

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  1. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Shibu, sorry for the delay as no info came directly to my mail regarding your 24th march post & in between I also did not check the forum.

    To reach 80L Rs. in next 13Y time, it means you w’d have to invest some 25K Rs. mly @ 12% yly interest rate.

    To reach 5 Crore Rs. in next 20Y time at same 12% yly rate you w’d have to invest 35000 Rs. mly.

    In both the calculation above, your current investments, savings are taken as nil because I’m unaware of the same. for your already done saving, of course the mly. requirement for saving ‘ll come down.

    Please share your current portfolio.

    In case you want to keep it private, you may ask Manish to provide my mail ID. As per the forum’s policy, I’m not quoting my mail directly to you.



  2. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Shibu, if my understanding is correct, 5L Rs. YLY means you want to save some 42K Rs. mly. Am I right or there is a misunderstanding?

    Kindly confirm the same.

    Since you are in the lower Tax slab & at the same time, investments are to be done from your own income, it’s advisable to invest under your own name to get the tax arbitrage benefit for being in lower tax slab than your husband.

    For retirement as well as son’s education requirement, my take ‘ll be to first pin point a goal for your self. Say 5 Crore Rs. for your retirement after 25Y & 50L Rs. for your son’s education after 12Y.

    Once Goal figure is there, check for your own comfort level of investing in varied risk class from Pure Eq. to Pure Debt. Lower the risk you are opting for, lower the return you ‘ll get & to reach your milestone, higher ‘ll be the mly/yly outgo.

    For higher Risk (for long term goals), possibly higher returns ‘ll be there in the end & consequently lower mly/yly investments from now onwards.

    Please confirm my doubt for that 5L Rs. figure.



    1. shibu ra, says:

      yes it is 42 – 50 thousand a month and now coming to the Goal how do i plan what kind of investments or schemes available in the market would suit and meet my requirement.

      How much should i invest in insurance and howmuch in MF and equity.

    2. shibu ra, says:

      Dear Ashal,

      Awaiting your response checked with my husband we need to save around 5-10 crores for our retirement so that we are independent and around 80 lakhs to a crore for our sons education. for his education we have only 12 to 13 years whereas for our retirement we have around 20 + years.

  3. shibu ra, says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for the advise however my requirement may seem different.

    My requirement is to save 5 lakhs rupees a year this is for both my retirement and my sons education.
    How should I invest? the risk factor for the investment should be low. Should I invest in my name or my husbands his income is higher.
    I have invested in my husbands name around 5000 rupees in SIP a month
    Have bought few shares for 10000/- and have invested 20000 in infrastructure bonds through dmat account.

  4. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Shibu ra, both the plans mentioned by you are FMPs (Fixed Term Plan), to invest or not to invest in these plans ‘ll be based upon personal choices as well as requirements.

    Without knowing much about your exact requirements, it’s hard to say anything.



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