HUF Intercast Marriage

POSTED BY Manu ON January 14, 2013 3:21 pm COMMENTS (2)

1. Me a Hindu and my wife is a Christian. we also have a baby girl. Can we create an HUF?

2. Can me, my wife(Christian) and kid can be a part of my fathers HUF?

3. Will my HUF and My Fathers HUF co-existing(for tax purpose also) if me, my wife and kid are part of fathers HUF?

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  1. HUF = Hindu Undivided Family, I think as per indian system the main religion of husband is considered to determine what the whole family is . So here as you the male (KARTA) is HINDU , it does not matter what is the religion of your wife is .

  2. Dear Manu, I assume as on date, you are Hindu, wife is Christian & your baby is Hindu. For the given situation, I do not feel any issue regarding your HUF. Till date if you are not transacting under your own HUF, you, your wife & d’ter are all part of your father’s HUF.

    If you want to branch out from your father’s HUF, you w’d have to opt for compulsory partition of father’s HUF.



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