ICICI Home and Secure Mind Policy Claim

POSTED BY gaik11 ON March 8, 2015 10:19 am COMMENTS (2)

Two and half years back I took home loan from ICICI Bank and along with it I took Home and Secure Mind Policy. While taking I just signed all the documents. Previous Health Details were not filled as I was only told about securing only my house but not secure mind policy. Considering it I took the policy and signed it.

I was having hypertension and was diagnosed with kidney disease.@ months back I got heart attack and got discharged from hospital. After discharge I applied for claim process as it was clearly mentions in the document that for 1st stroke we can avail claims. After two months I got a letter saying the due to preexisting illness your claim request was rejected. Now when I checked with Home and Secure Mind Policy department, on actual form previous health section was left blank. Can anybody will suggest me whether I can go to consumer court or not.

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  1. Jeeva says:

    Had plan to take this product.. After reading above review decided not to go for it

  2. I see it this way .

    You signed the documents . It asked for any pre-existing illness and you didnt fill it. You didnt look at it can not be the excuse here . The point is the policy was bought and pre existing illness was not mentioned, which was a breach of agreement.

    I think the claim was bound to be rejected.


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