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ICICI MF have launched SIP Insure today.


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  1. Kapil Malhotra says:

    Thanks for your valuable input. It was new to me, hence, wanted to share it with all.

    Question – Any idea that whether it’ll be applicable even if I apply for the fund via fundsindia/moneysights?

    1. Dear Kapil, for availability of SIP+Insure on fundsindia or moneysights platform, please contact respective sites & check there.



  2. SUrprisingly I could not locate this in the AMC website! SIP+ Insure is already available in Reliance MFs so I believe this should be similar.

    There is no cost for you but if you choose a term and start investing via SIP and if SIP installments are correctly being debited and if suddenly the investor is no more the AMC contributes to the SIP till the end of the planned tenure.

    There are so many criteria to be met for this. I am just simplifying the whole thing!

    If you genuinely plan to invest in a ICICI Pru MF scheme, given that the investor has no cost involved it just makes sense to go for this because any additional insurance is insurance (for free). Dont force yourself to invest in ICICI Pru schemes because there is an offer!

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