ICICI offering PPF Account – What’s your suggestion???

POSTED BY sunil ON June 26, 2012 5:10 pm COMMENTS (2)

I have got a communication from ICICI people that PPF can now be opened through ICICI…

I couldn’t understand if this is safe as opening with PSU banks (as they are under complete control of Govt)….

How safe is it to open a PPF account with ICICI.

Or is it like where ever you open it it is directly controlled by Govt?

Thanks in advance for your answers..

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  1. Dear Sunil, no matter from where you are operating your PPF account – Post Office, PSU banks, Pvt. Banks, at the end, the money is going to PPF kitty & as per your own understanding directly controlled by Govt. Be it ICICI or SBI, are merely service provider.



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