ULIP investment guidance – ICICI Wealth builder Maximiser fund V

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My age is 28 and I am planning to Invest in ICICI Wealth builder Maximiser fund V, the amount may be 2.5 lac spread over 5 years installments

The bank planner says it will grow 15-20% for which he showed me various document & slides for Fund

My query is –

1.Is it worth to invest   in fund whose NAV value have already grown by 22 % since inception..?the current NAV is around 19.If I invest now on same plan it may not give me much growth as it already grown by 22 %

2. Is it better to invest in plan which is new in market or going to be launch so that i can have full advantage on plans growth?

3.I might not be doing Fund switching as I am neither know how its done nor feel I would be doing in years to come.However Is it ok to invest in ULIP for me

4. What are the other ULIP plans of other banks which are performing well & I should check before going for ICICI pru

5. Apart From ULIP what are other plan for long term investment with sole purpose of  Investment growth



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  1. Mansoor says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am having icic Pru wealth Builder II fund name maximiser V which i paid regularly the premumim for 5 years. My friend is suggesting to withdraw the funds from as it is a ullink market may go correction value funds may decrease can you suggest me whether to keep or withdraw immediately.

    Thank you,

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Yes, you can book your profits now as its a good time valuation wise


  2. Rajendra Mittal says:

    Pls confirm minimum amount to be invest every year.

    1. Rajendra Mittal says:

      What is tax benefit in this fund. If I invest Rs 50000/- yearly
      Approx return after 5 year if invest Rs 50000/- yearly for five years.

    2. Its a ULIP . Are you sure you want to get into that ?

      1. Rajendra says:

        Waiting your proper reply. I want to know about ICICI PRU WEALTH BUILDER- MAXIMISER FUND-V:-

        Pls tell how Minimum investment annually for five year

        1. ULIPS are not good plans for simple investors. Dont go for it !

    3. Ulips is good if u go for longer…. if u still not planned your investment then sorry to say you but the wealth builder2 is not there…. the new fund launched with new strategies with 10 rs nav u can go for that as it like to be wealth buider….. it’s name is life time classic. And available at just 4000rs per month…

  3. Musharraf Ahmad says:

    Sir I will invest 1 lakh per year for 5 years in icici Pru maximiser fund 5 in Feb 2017. Then how much amount I will get after 5 years of completion.after 5 years can I withdraw the amount?

    1. Hi Musharraf Ahmad

      The best answer you can get only from the agent you invested through or just contact the company. The thing is your case is a bit personalised and other than company, no one can give accurate information


      1. MUSHARRAF Ahmad says:

        Thank you sir for your reply
        Sir, Agent told me that you have option to withdraw after 5 years.but term is for 10 years.and after 5 years of completion you can get aprox 9 lakhs.this plan is also known as welth builder 2

        1. If you can get out of it, I would get leave it !

        2. abinesh says:

          50000 per year – 5 years – 5 lakhs ..

          101% assured benefit -505000/-
          + 3.5% loyalty addition -522500/-

          Deductions –
          1) Policy management chArge -2.5% for every 50000. First year ..second year it will be 1.25% Approx
          For First 50000, 2.5%+1.25+1.25%+1.25%+1.25%-
          1250+625+625+625+625 – 3750 they will minus..
          So for all 50000*5- 20000 approx they will kick u

          2) Fund management charge 2% u calculate .again kick u
          3) Mortality charges – Rs..1.5-14/- for every 1000..
          So 60000 = 600 charge .. again 3000 kicked..

          So they will show some market downs and 5 lakhs will be handovered u ..
          20% from 6 th year – 50000 only max
          20% from 7 th year- 50000 only max
          So tenth year – all clear if u r lucky ..
          But u 5 lakhs reduced to 4.75 lakhs while return.. Totally ***ked.

  4. Professional says:

    ULIP provide dual benefit of insurance and Returns with tax benefits and deduction,like you can claim maximum deduction of Rs.1.5 Lacs towards insurance premium (subject to sum assured is only 10 times of premium paid ),and secondly on maturity their is no tax as exempted ,however you should also aware about the charges and NAV of the fund in which you’re investing ,better if you can do some study of fund suggested or in which you like through money control so you will know that how much return you will get ,do debt – equity mixture if you don’t want to take more risk but avoid major proportion of investment in Debt as Ulips are equity oriented and you’ll get returns from that only .

  5. Abhishek says:


    i want invest 50000 per year upto 5years.(2.5lakhs)

    how much amount i will get after 10 years.

    if i invest in 2017,how much amount i will get in 2027?

    1. Around 12 lacs approx !

  6. Onkar says:

    I want to invest in Wealth builder ICICI Maximizer fund in the name of my grand daughter who is 8 months old.The investment of Rs.1.0 Lac for a period of 5 years. I want to know as to how much money she will get when she is about 21 years of age.

    1. Pradeep says:

      Tha maximiser v is the one of the best investment. You can get avetage 15 percentage on year on year. Now bank intetest is going down. It will reacj below 6 percentage.
      Not wealth builder. But Elite life is better

      1. Desh says:

        It is giving me negative 5% return for the last two years that I have paid premium for this fund. I am seriously contemplating whether this is really a fund to continue with. The Bank Planners are not forthcoming with true facts. My simple advise – please ask year on year return.

        1. Why not ask CAGR return every 3 yrs?

  7. Rabpreet says:

    Hello Everyone,

    i have got this information abt the maximizer v fund and my relationship banker sd i need to invest 1 lakh per year for next 20 years and the return would be around 1.45 cr. And also life insurance about 15 lakhs covered . i just want to know is it true or depend on market condition..

    1. Hi Rabpreet

      It purely depends on market condition

    2. thacker says:

      yes !! rabpreet
      it is purely depend on market, nd its on growing stage. i would suggest to invest in maximiser fund

  8. deepesh_150 says:

    Hello Manishj

    Thanks for reply.

    Actually I did lot of self study thru various portal on net & You tube,
    and felt it is worth taking a risk as may be in future I get used to work with ULIPs parameters.So have gone for 25 yrs plan.
    Main motive was to Generate Wealth over Long term.

    Incase it don’t like it then will surrender or look for other Option.


    1. Animesh says:

      Hi my name is Animesh, i too am thinking of the same ulip plan with maximizer v fund. But i too cant always switch between funds as i m not that great in stocks n share market. But still i want to take risk. So that i get good returns over the years. Let me know if you invested in this plan and if you are satisfied with the returns of it?

  9. Deepesh

    Its a regular ULIP plan . So I am not commenting on this fund, but in general . ULIP is something which needs your attention if you need maximum out of it. If you wanted to just invest and forget, then ULIPs might not be the best choice, because it has costs more than some other products. If you are not in lock in period now , its better to think about surrendering it and move to much simpler options !


    1. Mehul says:


      Can you suggest some plans which don’t require high attention like ULIP?
      I am adding some more details about myself so that you can suggest accordingly.

      Age: 27
      Gender: Male
      Marital Status: Married
      Investment Period: 5yrs
      Amount: 4000 per month


      1. THe best thing I can think off for you is mutual funds . My team can help you setup that fully .

        Just leave your details here – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/solutions/invest-in-mutual-funds


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