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First of all thanks to you for helping the persons for making them better future. However I have also one query, I am sure you can help me.

I had one HSBC credit card in 2007 and due to some bad condition I was not able to pay the outstanding of my card. However after 2 years in 2009, I did settlement with Bank, And they sent me email that now outstanding is Zero for this card and stated that they dont issue Hard Copy of NOC and I can consider this email as NOC Certificate. 

Again in 2008, I got one more Citi Bank Credit card which I am still using even after 4 years with regular bill payments. However before one year I applied for one more SC credit card and it got rejected with reason bad cibil score then I know about Cibil and Credit Score. So I decided to be regular on other citi bank credit card which I am still doing. However after that I applied loan for AC, Washing Machine which got approved and I paid those 2 loan without any delay and it got completed. But my question is when I checked my Cibil Scroe last week, it’s not improving as per my expectation it’s only 722. And Status of HSBC is Written off Settled. 

Can you please guide me if in this case can I get home loan. OR can you please suggest me how I can improve my cibil score to 800.

Is is mandatory to pay the full amount of HSBC credit card for making my status from settled to Blank? BUT I would not be able to pay the full amount because it too high.

Can you please guide me ?



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  1. Dear Deepak, what was the reason of such high amount? @ 722 score, you should not try to get home loan. For home loan at least your score should be in excess of 750. If it’s closer to 800 or more than this, it’s quite good to have such score.

    In case you can manage money to pay off that old HSBC CC amount in full now, your score ‘ll improve for sure & in a big way. By regular & disciplined usage of your CITI bank CC, the score ‘ll improve but it ‘ll take a lot of time.



  2. CIBIL says:

    Dear Sir,

    For assistance and queries regarding CIBIL TransUnion Score / CIBIL Credit Report., kindly access the following link of CIBIL website :

  3. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr Gupta,

    722 is not a bad score – of course, improving it is always a preferred option. With that score, you could get a housing loan – will also depend on the amount and date of the settlement with HSBC.

    The baggage of the non payment and settlement is weighing down your score, besides anything else which may be in your credit report. It would require an analysis of your report to identify any other reasons for the score being what it is.

    We counsel individuals in this aspect and would be happy to provide that service to you. Please visit our website for more information on our services. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us,



  4. Biswa Singh says:

    There are loads of stuff on how to improve your cibil scores. Please go through the fourm and the bolg written by Manish. One suggestion i always see it to get a credit card again a deposit on bank to improve your cibil score.

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