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POSTED BY Ambrish Bhargava ON October 17, 2012 8:35 am COMMENTS (6)


For the assesment year 2009-10, I filled my IT return. Since invenstment made by me was not reflected in Form-16, I was eligible for refund.

I had mentioned the same in the ITR-1.

So far I haven\’t received the refund. I have mentioned my bank account details while filing up ITR-1.

What should I do in this case?


Ambrish Bhargava

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  1. Viswa says:

    Hi Ambirish,

    You can refer to – and NGO Based out of Hyderabad. They have some predefined templates available on their website which will help you to file RTI.

    – Viswa

  2. Ambrish Bhargava says:

    Hi Viswa,

    I called up the number provided by you. Thanks for that.

    They have details only for those e-filed returns. And hence my details for the given assessment year is not present.

    What should i do in this case?

    RTI? How to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ambrish Bhargava

    1. Ambrish

      Just refer to this article on RTI for EPF 0 /. You just have to follow it and do it for tax department . You will get the address for the tax department of your jurisdiction on the internet . Rest everything will be quite same.


  3. Ambrish Bhargava says:

    Hi Viswa,

    I have already checked the status from the linked provided by you.

    Would it be good idea to file revised return?

    Ambrish Bhargava

    1. Viswanath S says:

      @Ambrish – Did you call up the number to check the status and any reason for the delay?. Also what is the status mentioned online?

      If there is nothing incorrect in the already filed returns, there is no need for filing a revised returns.


  4. Viswanath S says:

    @Ambrish – Pls check the refund status at You can also contact 18004252229 regarding status of e-filed return and ITR-V.

    If you didn’t get a proper response you can file an RTI and ask for status and reason for delay.


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