Interest for PPF throughout the tenure ?

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There is a big confusion which has come up on the main blog here :


The confusion is whether interest at the time of openeing a PPF account will be same through out the tenure or NOT , govt might change it in between , but will it be applicable to old accounts or not ?

I am very sure that the interest will be given as per the new rates only to everyone . But I am not getting the source of truth . Any idea ?


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  1. Anand says:

    If the rate is constant for a given account then it would have been mentioned in the government document (PPF.pdf file) clearly.

    We can underline the word “notified by Central Government in the official Gazette from time to time”.

    If the rate is changed, it is changed for ALL the accounts.

  2. Purnachander says:

    I feel that the interest calculated for a month is the same for every existing PPF account, irrespective of Date of Opening the account.

    The 8th point of PPF rules (Pdf document from Indian postoffice website) states that Interest rate, notified by Central Government in the official Gazette from time to time is used to calculate the interest for a calendar month and will be credited to the account at the end of the year.


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