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POSTED BY sanoj sonkar ON January 16, 2013 4:47 pm COMMENTS (4)

hi manish, i read your blog of best bank for home loan, and decided to go with lic hfl. i have applied home loand from lic housing finance ltd a week ago.

can u pls suggest manish from below option by lic hfl which one is best, home laon tenure is 25 years. since i applied home loan with my wife, they said if main applicant is female then i will get 0.25% interest discount and this is applicable only to option no. 1

pls suggest……….whice one is best in below option by lic hfl

1)10.25% fix for 2 yrs,

2)10.70% fix for 3 yrs,

3)10.95% fix for 10 yrs,

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  1. Dear Anshul, please do not believe that executive. The Floating Rate is also available from LIC HFC. For details please contact nearest office of LIC HFC.



  2. Anshul Gupta says:

    I have also approached LIC HFL and they have offered similar plans to me. They said they don’t have any floating plan as of now. Neither they have any product brochure nor anything is mentioned on their website. I was wondering if it’s a case of crafty salesman pushing fixed rate plans or actually LIC HFL doesn’t have any floating plans.

    Any comment from fellow group members will be greatly appreciated.


  3. Dear Sanoj, what about no fix & pure floating ROI from day one? If it’s available at all, please opt one else go for 2Y fix as the ROI from here onwards can only go down so locking ROI on higher side is not a good idea sirji. 🙂



    1. sanoj sonkar says:

      Thank you, Mr. Ashal for reply…

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