Internal Injury in Knee, which health insurance will help ?

POSTED BY avi ON March 3, 2011 12:00 am COMMENTS (3)

Recently i got to know through a doctor that my knee has an internal injury(Cartilage damage) and may need a operatio sooner or later. Please advice what health insurance policy will help me with it (Thinking of operating it after 4 years). What if i dont disclose this to the policy provider?

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  1. jitendra solanki says:


    there is no health insurance which cover preexisting diseases right form the first day.

    Also it depends on the underwriting of the company-If they perceive the illness to be of high risk, it can be permanently excluded.

  2. Avinash

    If you dont disclose it, it would anyways come in the medical checks they perform . Incase you feel that taking health insurance is the easiest thing you can do to get rid of the high expenses , that might not be true .


    1. healthinsuranceshoppe says:

      @ Avinash and manish

      Pls disclose the pre-existing problem always and if any company issue the policy, they have to cover it after 4 years. If you go for Apollo munich, their PED is covered after 3 years.

      This is not a major problem, you will easily get the policy as its not a critical illness so no company can refuse the issuance of policy.

      Dont try to hide it as in future all companies will cross check data due to portability, so rejection of proposal due to hiding facts intentionally will be a blot on your medical insurance history..

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