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POSTED BY Dr M.Chandrashekhar ON June 30, 2012 10:49 am COMMENTS (4)

The other day, I saw on TV, one Financial Planner advising every one including new comers, to have one International Fund in the core portfolio.

Any comments ?

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  1. says:

    Dear Dr. Chandrashekhar, I agree with Ashal. You might want to consider what your goals are before choosing an international fund.
    For eg. it might make sense to allocate a certain percent of your portfolio to an international fund if that allocations is made to fund a goal of sending your children abroad for education or if you are planning go for a holiday. This will help you hedge against the currency movement.
    Im no FX expert but looking at the $/Re exchange rate now i’ll give these funds a pass


    1. Dr M.Chandrashekhar says:

      Thank You, Ullas for giving your clear cut views.

  2. Dear Dr. MCS, I’m of the opinion of KISS – Keep it simple silly. So instead of advising such blind advice to each & every one, I w’d like to restrict a majority of investors within Indian funds.



    1. Dr M.Chandrashekhar says:

      Thank You, Ashal– I was also quite surprised at the reco. when I heard it.

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