intrinsic value of a stock

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How can i calculate the intrinsic value of a stock. how do i find it?? is there any formula or any spreadsheet?? Please let me know.




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  1. This is a very very elaborate treatment. This is very subjective. If I have a used car (Say, Hyundai Santro) that is 2 years old. I may expect 3 lacs for it. The buyer may be wiling to give only 2.8 lacs. If I am in financial distress the buyer may be ready to give only 2.6 lacs!

    Adding all my assets I will come with an intrinsic value. The market value may not be the same. Thus calculating intrinsic value is not just a formula but a very subjective discussion.

    The rough value is the Book Value of a stock [BV]. You can get this in several websites like moneycontrol.

    BTW – Are you planning to pick value stocks. Drop me a line, I am in the same (re)search!

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