investing in same fund house is good or not???

POSTED BY anoop singh ON June 12, 2012 1:58 pm ONE COMMENT

hi i am anoop, recently got married,
recently i’ve started investing in MF since april 2012, and i am investing in SIP.
HDFC top 200 – rs 1000/p.m
HDFC mid -cap opportunity: rs 1000/p.m

for the period of 12 yrs , now i want to invest for my retirement, and want to invest 3000/p.m. in HDFC equity fund for a period of 30 yrs ( my age is 29) , so i wanted to enquire that same fund house will be benificial for my investment planning or shall i go for HDFC premiere equity fund.

please mail me.. waiting for your reply ,as i want to invest soon,
regards ,
anoop singh,

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  1. Dear Anoop, you may start your retirement oriented investment into Quantum Long Term Eq. As of now, please invest with 2-3Y SIPs. Review the performance of your funds at the end of SIP period. If the performance is in line, renew your SIPs for next 2-3Y time frame.



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