Investing through BlueChip in mutual funds ?

POSTED BY arunr ON March 22, 2015 11:38 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi Manish,

Thanks for your blog and excellent forum.

I am asking this question on behalf of my dad. He has been investing in various mutual funds through an agent who works for BlueChip ( My dad says he doesn’t pay any commission to this agent, there is no entry load and also the full amount is invested. I am not sure how the agent gets paid then. Do the mutual fund companies pay these agents? Can you throw some light on this?


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  1. Satya Sharma says:

    Yes the Mutual Fund AMCs are tied up with all of the brokers and they get a certain percentage of these amounts.

  2. anilmegur says:

    What about online agents like fundsindia & scirptbox? Do they get charge some annual charge for processing?

  3. ashok says:

    Your father is very innocent.MF AMC will pay commission to agent out of your father portfolio earnings.(though this will not be seen anywhere in portfolio)Suppose MF makes a profit of 13 % then about .5% will be passed on to your agent as trailing commission.In addition to this about 1.5 to 2.0 %will be charged as MF scheme expenses.This is an annual process.

  4. Yes, Mutual funds companies will pay commission to these agents .

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