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I am 58 years old and have just retired from govt service.I am likely to receive appox 01 crore as terminal benefit shortly.kindly advice how to invest this money without undue risk.

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  1. Dear SK Biswas, Apart from this 1Cr. Rs. amount do you have any mly pension pay out? Any other assets & Investments? Any financial liabilities if still there? What about health insurance for you & your spouse? In which city you are living in & ‘ll you remain there or may relocate to another city in next few years? Are you living in your own house? If yes, how much old it’s? What are your normal mly expenses? What may be some fixed or variable yly expenses? Is your spouse working? Are your children living with you or some where else in another city or even out of India? Do you have any dependent in your retired life? Do you want to leave a fortune for your heirs or want to donate some charity once you are no more? Any other info you want to share apart from the questions asked by me.

    If you feel, I’m asking too many personal questions & you are not at all comfortable with the Idea of disclosing so much info, you may contact me on my personal mail id or dear Manish on his personal mail id.



  2. says:

    Dear Sir,

    My sincere suggestion to you would be to do the financial planning with some expert in this field. Of course this is a good platform for you to get the possible ideas, but working out details for you may not be possible from this forum. You can learn from this forum a lot so that whatever financial planner suggests you will make sense for you.

    Chandrakant D.

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