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Hi Manish,

I have started investing in mutual funds this month through fundsindia by SIP.

1) DSPBR Top 100 Equity Fund(G) for 10 years

2) HDFC Equity Fund (G) for 5 years

Is the above portfolio is good enough?


I want to invest in gold too. which is better one (Gold ETF or e-gold or anyother way)

Can i invest by fundsindia through SIP in gold?

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  1. Dear Mohan, you mean to say Gold price was the reason & not your own needs or goals to invest in Gold? Am I right in your understanding? Also think over this Gold investing differently, Today price is say 30K per 10 gm, after 2Y, the price is 40K, w’d you still like to purchase or want to sell? if every other person like you want to sell, what ‘ll happen to price of Gold?

    Think over it.



  2. Dear Mohan, why do you want to invest in Gold? Is it due to ” Me Too” kind thing?

    Please clarify what’s & what w’d be the role of gold in your portfolio?



    1. Mohan says:

      As the gold prices have been increasing, so I thought it as a good investment.

      But now the scenario is completely different, the prices have gone down.

  3. The above funds are good at this moment . You can never say they will be good for all the life . So for now , you are good .

    Just make sure you review them each year .. dont over do the analysis , a little bit of percentage here and there is ok .

    Regarding Gold, you can do a Gold Fund SIP , for Gold ETF you would need a demat with them !

    1. Mohan says:

      I have recently read about investment in gold through which has no charges for opening the account and for brokerage.

      So, which is the better option for investing in Gold (e-gold or Gold ETF or Gold Funds).

      I have already started investing in mutual funds through fundsindia and I want to invest in gold through SIP only.

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