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Please find below Tax saving investment under 80c, and do advice on tax saving and investment.




3.KOTAK PREFERED TERM PLAN:10782/- (Start Date:20/10/2011 for 25YRS for 5000000/-)

4.RELIANCE AUTOMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN-REG (ULIP):10000/-(Start Date:21-06-2007-for 10Yrs & Sum assured:150000.00)

5.Max Life Endowment to Age 60:5999/-(Start Date:07/10/2004-Maturity:07/10/2035)(Sum Assured-188086.00)

6.Quantum Tax Saving ELSS:30000/- (As lumpsum this year)



Now I’m closing RIL ULIP and MAX Endowment policy also form april.Also I’m investing 1500/- via SIP since last year in HDFC Top 200 Equity(G).

Please advice how to achieve tax saving after closing above mentioned policies and further investment for growth.


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  1. Ramesh says:

    Just put more money in the Quantum tax saver. The apollo plan will come under 80D part and not 80C. I think you will need 10k more into that.

  2. To close out the 80C Rs. 1 lakh limit you could consider another ELSS MFs like HDFC tax saver or Canara Robeco Tax Saver depending on your risk appetite or increase your PPF contribution

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