Investment for my future

POSTED BY Girish ON December 13, 2012 4:46 pm COMMENTS (6)


my age is 22 year . I had just completed BE and started working in firm for last 10 month. my salary is 18k in hand .i want to invest in gold so want to know which is best Gold ETF OR Gold bullion . 

Even i had started investing in gold Bullion and i had almost spend near about 3000 in purchasing gold and silver .

So should i carry with gold bullion or switch to Gold EFt ?

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  1. While you read, If you are new to MFs you should start with a balanced fund like HDFC Balanced or Prudence.

    You should limit your investment to gold to not more than 10% of your folio.

    Last couple of years have been great for gold. It is not likely to last.

  2. Girish says:

    @ramesh sir
    can plsss suggest me a good book . so i can start learning ..

    and sir should i continue my investment in Bullion india .

    thanks for reply

    1. Ramesh says:

      try The Four Pillars of Investing. or
      The Intelligent Investor.

      Either of the two will be good enough for a thorough basic understanding.

      And Look before you Leap.

  3. Girish says:

    Suppose i want to invest small amount in equity MFs then which mf should i invest .
    and i want to know whether i should continue purchasing gold from bullion india or i should invest in Gold EtF.
    According to me gold give me more return than MF . I may me wrong. please clear my point.

    Thanks for reply

    1. Ramesh says:

      Get into ‘learning the basics’ mode, starting with a few books. Then you will have a better idea.

      As well as, it will be better for you in the longer run.

  4. long term investing in gold should be done in ETF especially if you want to use the funds later. Holding solid gold is cumbersome a risk and may be difficult to sell. Many people refuse to buy the back gold they themselves sell!

    Gold should be only a small part of your portfolio ( <10%) most of your money should now be in equity MFs if you want to save for the future.

    investing in gold for the long run has know to give poorer returns than equity.

    Before buying more gold Manish has a guest post written by Hemant Beniwal and his associate on 'should you buy gold'.

    Personally I am convinced that gold is not necessary for either the short or long term

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