investment in gold mutual fund

POSTED BY kumar143144 ON September 27, 2012 5:43 pm COMMENTS (5)

i want to invest in gold mutual fund. Is it correct decision or not.

As day by day gold rate is increasig i hope i can expect good returns in future.

Which mutual fund is the best to invest in gold. 

check this link

which is the best option in it.

Rs.500/12 months  – what profit i can expect

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  1. kumar143144 says:

    atleast average u tell me how much i can expect.
    I know this is the right time to invest in gold.

  2. Srikanth Vissarapu says:

    Since Gold is already at an all time high…Is this the right time to invest in Gold ETF’s?

  3. kumar143144 says:

    how much i can expect in i invest Rs. 500/month for 12 month and 5 years and 10 years

  4. sunil says:

    Gold ETF (GOLDBEES) is the best thing to go for if you are already holding a DMAT account.
    However, minimum invest is 1 unit (price as per that day)

  5. Biswa Singh says:

    Please prefer gold ETF or better NSEL eGold which are less expensive and more transparent than Gold Fund. With gold fund the advantage is that you can invest a small amount like rs 500.

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