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Dear All ,

Many IPO are expected in near future (CARE , PC Jwellers , Bharti Infratel).

Some of my friends are investing in CARE and PC Jwellers for listing gain.

Is it lucrative enough to go for it. 

I personally do not invest in IPO/NFO.


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  1. Pramod Yadav says:

    Thanks for reply Sainath and Ramesh.
    However i m not going for this IPO reason being simple i m investor not trader.

  2. Ramesh says:

    Call it Speculating in IPOs/NFOs, and since the earliest times, IPOs are the worst way to get into capital markets for retail investors like you and me.

    Investing in IPO for listing gain is pure gambling and only do so with that in mind. Even if you gain on that day, it will be short term capital gains and you will have to pay taxes. Plus, you will not know, whether to sell at 10am or 2pm on that day. And if the stock goes on further highs, you will lament yourself of why did you sell a winner on the first day itself rather than waiting a bit more patiently.

  3. sainath says:

    The way market is behaving nowadays (irrational), you might get listing gains. Go for it.

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