IS Amount addition in Bank RD possible ?

POSTED BY Mitr Singh ON November 10, 2010 11:19 am COMMENTS (5)

Is it possible to ADD some extra amount in Bank RD in time intervels.

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  1. Raghav says:

    I dont see a difference between a normal RD and a variable RD.
    I have a variable RD with Indian Bank with minimum commitment of INR 1000 every month and invested surplus amount. When the interest rate increased by 1% last month, i opened another variable RD with new interest rate and still continued the old one with just minimum commitment.

    U can contact nearest branch for details.

    1. Mitr Singh says:

      Thanks Raghav

      Mitr Singh

    1. Mitr Singh says:

      Dear Raghav G,

      Thanks for the Information.

      Is it different “Variable RD” from common RD?

      This Facilities are not availble in other banks.

      I am eagar to know why there is no “TOP UP” allowed in Normal RD. This will be win win situation for Bank and Customer.

      I have RD with ICICI Bank and there is no option of “Top UP” as first impression. I asked the Same question with ICICI Bank employees but even they do not have proper knowledge of the subject. So they start debating/Consulting with each other but i do not get any solution.

      Best Regards
      Mitr Singh

  2. No, bank RD does not allow to do “top-up”. The amount is fixed.

    Hope it will help you.

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