Is ICICI HFC doesn’t exist anymore?

POSTED BY Vishal Sonkar ON January 7, 2013 7:57 pm COMMENTS (2)

Today one ICICI representative said me that ICICI HFC doesn’t exist anymore. Its the ICICI bank which will finance me loan. Is it true ? Folllowing are the two offers from two different banks.

Axis bank: Base rate 10% + markup 0.25% = 10.25%. Processing fee 0.5%.
Last 12 EMI waiver offer.

ICICI bank : Base rate 9.75% + markup 0.5% = 10.25% Processing fee 0.5%.
1% EMI cash back offer.


Please suggest which one i should prefer ?

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  1. Vishal Sonkar says:

    @Ashal…I went to SBI for home loan…the officer was asking for some Block Land and Land reform officer mutation. With this he said he wont be able to take my application.
    I gave him the mutation done the current owner of the flat but he said its nit sufficient.

    Will you please throw some light what type of mutation is this and from where i should expect this to get, owner or landlord ?

  2. Dear Vishal, please opt SBI’s Maxgain. you ‘ll feel far more comfortable after your loan is disbursed.



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