Is it possible to get a refund if the ITR-V was sent after 2 Years?

POSTED BY Dinesh Singh ON August 28, 2013 9:32 pm COMMENTS (7)

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  1. Dear Dinesh, please download the offline form from the site of income tax. Fill it & file it to local Income Tax office.



  2. Dinesh Singh says:

    Thanks Ashal, I have always filed the ITR online. Could you please help me with the process for filling returns manually please.

  3. Dear Dinesh, please file offline the return for your wife.



  4. Dinesh Singh says:

    Not sure why the page is not showing my exact query – reposting

    I was searching for information on Google for information and came across your forum. I could find a way to post my query, hence sending a mail.

    I had filled income tax returns for my wife for AY11-12 on 17-07-2012 but forgot to send the ITR-V to CPC. I sent the ITR-V this year within due date. When I check the portal it says that it has been rejected due to due date exceeded. She has a return of 8500/-.

    I understand that the return could be filled within 2 years of the FY year which essentially means if I had sent the ITR-V before 31st March 2013, it might have been processed.

    At this stage I need your expert opinion on knowing if there is any way that this money can be requested from Income Tax department. If there is any suggestion that you can give me to get this done, it would be very helpful. If there is any specific service that you offer which can solve such a case, I would be happy to consider the same.

    If you need the ITR-V etc, let me know I will forward them to you.

  5. BanyanFA says:

    If ITR V is not filed within 120 days, the return is not considered to be filed. You would need to refile your tax returns.

  6. Dear Dinesh, unless IT deptt. demand your ITR-V after this much time, your data is deleted autoamtically after 120 days from the site. So first of all please check that your DATa is available or not in the e-filing site.



    1. Dinesh Singh says:

      Thank you Ashal and Banyan. I took the printout of ITR-V from the login. I have the following question –
      1. If the data is deleted in 120 days, how was I able to take the print-out of ITR-V?
      2. If I should apply again then would the site let me create a new entry for the same AY?
      3. Should this new ITR be filled as original or revised?

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