Is Joint Demat account fine ?

POSTED BY Parag Kumar ON February 6, 2015 1:25 pm COMMENTS (2)


Does having a joint demat account fine? I mean does it have any disadvantages as such. One thing i came to know is you cannot have either or survivor mode of operation in a demat account which is obvious.

But other than this is it ok if i have a joint demat accout with my wife. So that we can save on charges of maintaining two seperate demat accounts.

Actually I have SBI home loan and SBI is offering me a demat account with less annual charges. And I also want to now start investing a bit in stock market.

Please give your inputs.

Parag Kumar.

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  1. Parag Kumar says:

    Thanks Manish.

  2. Yes, I think its totally fine to have joint demat account. Just ask them if you would need both account holder permission to trade every time ? Clarify this with bank !

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