Is medical reimbursement bills be claimed under 80D tax deductions ?

POSTED BY shashank ON June 26, 2012 1:40 am COMMENTS (5)


I’m filing my tax return . Form-16 from my employer does not show medical reimbursement bills under section 80D ? Do I need to claim medical reimbursement under section 80D while filing tax returns?

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  1. Dr. Jayaraman says:

    I just need a clarification related to Shashank’s question. My post is more of a doubt, than answer to the original question.

    Suppose a salaried person enjoys reimbursement benefit (for telephone bill, medical expenses, etc.) from the employer. Normally he/she would submit the relevant bills to the employer itself before March 31. But suppose he/she for some reason failed to submit some bills. Is this how he/she can reduce his/her taxable income at the time of filing IT returns?

    Someone from Jagoinvestor please clarify.

    1. No I dont think so , Its a benefit given by employer , not income tax. Its upto employer to declare and give it, if you have not taken that benefit , you lose it for that year .

      1. Dr. Jayaraman says:

        Thanks for the clarification, Manish. So I need to be vigilant and submit all relevant bills to my employer as per company rules and deadlines. If I don’t avail this benefit fully by the due date set by my employer, I lose it. There is no way to recover anything at the time of filing IT return.

        But now I have a further doubt. In light of your clarification, does Ashal Jauhari’s response still hold true, or is there any contradiction? Perhaps he means that one must get the employer to inform the IT department of the updated (reduced) salary income??

  2. shashank says:

    thanx Ashal for clarifying my doubt

  3. Dear Shashank, the medical bills’ reimbursement does not come under section 80D but under section 10, exempted allowances. You may deduct the same from your salary income & file correct income tax return.



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