Its right time to enter Stock Market

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This is the right time to enter Stock Market. All are negative news in the market now. Many valuable stocks are available at low price. MCX India , Coal India, MOIL, Lanco, GMR, L & T FInance….etc are near to all time low.


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  1. somasekhar says:


    Go through this link. It may help you. If you find out any other best link, let me know .


    1. Rahul says:

      Thanks Sekhar

  2. Rahul says:

    Thanks for the link Ashal,

    Do you know where can I get the latest data for RBI wholesale price index?

  3. somasekhar says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thank you very much for sharing that link because I did not expect that much information. Its having historical data. Good link. We can draw a chart to analyse the data.


  4. somasekhar says:


    Thanks for the reply.

    I am looking for monthly CPI data. Yesterday my friend told me that on Monday RBI Would release that data. Is it right ?

    And worrest in markets is almost over. Last year on Dec 20, we observed the bottom-out point in markets. On that day, PE was near to 16 and PB was at 2.71. Today we are near to those levels. So I am eager to invest in stocks, but waiting for final bad news : Inflation


    1. Dear Som, please check the below link for AICPI data.



  5. somasekhar says:


    Can you tell me when RBI Release Inflation data?


    1. Dear Som, are you asking for weekly announcements of WPI nos. or mly announcements of AICPI?



  6. somasekhar says:

    Hi justgrowmymoney,

    You are right. But when we enter the market is also important though we invest for long time. Tomorrow is crucial day for investors. IIP Numbers and China data …etc will lead markets. Then I will start buying banks and consumer durables.

    Good to know you holds Infosys. But I won’t touch IT Space in near term. If EU Break up, then I will start buying.


  7. somasekhar says:

    Hi Rahul,

    I read many Akbar and Birbal stories in my childhood. I remember one story.

    One day Akbar and Birbal walking along the road, Akbar noticed a big line drawn on a wall. He asked Birbal ” can you make that line smaller without touching it? “. Then immediately he drew a longer line by the side of the big line. It became small.

    Govt deliberately raised GAAR Issue because inflation and deficit were the hot issues before GAAR. Govt also knew that they can’t implement because of it is weak govt. They raised same issue in 2008 and could not do anything.

    But now unexpectedly Europe crisis helping Govt. Our politicians blame Europe for depreciation in rupee. Its just my opinion.


  8. Somasekhar – Just a friendly advice.

    Do not have any stock as favorite. Every scrip traded is a business with an ISIN – just that. If it meets your targets sell it. If it falls way below don’t retain it for the love of it. Reliance and Infosys and SBI have been favorites for many many years for many people. When a company/stock does not deliver you should not keep it just because you love it. Let go.

    Taking emotions off your trading makes and keeps money.

    Discloure: I am still long Infosys

  9. somasekhar says:


    Just read again what I wrote on May 8th. On May 7th, markets fall down to 4987 and immediately took support by govt statement on GAAR. On that day, sbi came down below 1900 levels. Even BHEL bottom out at 208 levels.yes I might be wrong because I thought 4980 is the bottom out point. But today nifty trading below 4980. But still SBI And BHEL share prices moving above those bottom out levels.

    Few days before I wanted to buy L & T Finance at 45 levels, but due to money problems, I could not do. But today I bought
    500 shares below my target price. Any thing will happen to the world, I don’t care because I bought my favourite share below my target price. Right now many shares are available at attractive price. Now my favourite stock is Sbi And my target is below 1800. Lets see what will happen.

    You are right. 3 days can’t rule out if we buy a share today and hold it for 6 or 7 years. But I know many people who had guts to buy SBI at 2200 levels, but now people afraid to buy the same largest bank in India below 1900.

  10. >>yesterday itself we see the bottom out point. (on May 8)

    Since you wrote this yesterday (May 8) the markets have fell some 450 points. You think we have bottomed out? You might have gotten stocks at a more inexpensive price today than yesterday! For someone with 5+ years horizon and beyond investing on May 7, May 8 and May 9 makes no difference. For someone trying to find the bottom: With the fluctuations it is never possible to find the bottom until after it has happened.

  11. Rahul says:

    > Because if you know the reason, we can understand how our politicians fooling normal investor??

    so what is the reason??

  12. somasekhar says:

    4 to 5 years point of view is good for real investors. But go for valuable stocks.

    Can you tell me the reason why Govt raised GAAR Issue few days before and withdraw yesterday?

    Because if you know the reason, we can understand how our politicians fooling normal investor??



  13. I personally feel that given market has not moved from last 4 yrs anywhere .. i would blindly put money now with next 4-5 yrs view !

  14. somasekhar says:

    One small correction.

    I would like to ask you one question. Why Govt made a statement on GAAR ??

  15. somasekhar says:


    few days before crude oil trading at 5650 and on Friday evening it trading at 5200 and just observe today market, IT Stocks trading in Red . So we can say that rupee will appreciate in coming days.

    I would like to ask you one question. Why Govt made a statement on GAAR few days before crude?

  16. somasekhar says:


    Yesterday itself we see the bottom out point. Because last week all were negative news spreading across the world. But there was a positive news for India, That is Crude Oil. And just observe the hammered down stocks BHEL and L & T.

    One thing every one have lo remember in stock market. If all are negative news in the market, That itself positive news and markets will go up.

  17. Rahul says:

    > We can clearly see that markkets will bottom out by this weekend.

    How can you see that??

  18. GAAR being delayed is just removing a thorn from the wound. The wound itself is the lower GDP growth coupled with high inflation. I would not predict any short term movements especially saying the markets will bottom out in 5 days.

  19. somasekhar says:


    This is the good market for mutual funds as well as direct stocks investing. But timing is also important for both of these instruments. This week is crucial for investors who wants to invest in direct stocks. We can clearly see that markkets will bottom out by this weekend.

  20. No one knows what the markets will do tomorrow.

    If you are looking to invest in MF via SIPs anytime is good time. If you are looking to invest directly in stocks, even then anytime is good time as long as you get a reasonable bargain.

    In this beaten down period indeed some good stocks are available for relatively cheaper price than when available few months ago. If you have the temperament to digest few more down months then go ahead and buy because one can never predict the bottom.

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