Jargons in Loan account. How much loan amount I still owe to bank

POSTED BY Kumar Manoj ON August 23, 2012 3:50 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello Experts,

I had taken Home loan from SBI for 56,00,000 and since my EMI started
after 1 month, after one month total amount shown in my loan statement
was 56,59,000. I had EMI of 62000 but i increased it to 65000. So i
guess rest 3,000 will be made towards my principle repayment. Now
after one year, i have paid another 5,00,000 towards my loan repayment
which i am not sure is adjusted towrads loan preinciple repayment or
not. I can see few jargons in my loan account. Could you please
clarify the same .

Book Balance = -49,33,822.00
Available Balance = 5,03,893.00
Limit = 54,37,715.00
Drawing power = 54,37,715.00.
Could you please let me know what above terms mean to me.

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  1. Kumar Manoj says:

    Hello Ashal,

    Yes I guess i Have Max Gain loan account. This is the description I have on my account

    ‘SBI HL MAXGAIN >30L-75L MAY11’.


    1. Dear Kumar Manoj, here it is –

      Book Balance = -49,33,822.00 – It’s the adjusted loan amount for interest calculation against the surplus amount of 5L Rs. parked by you.

      Available Balance = 5,03,893.00 It’s the surplus amount of 5L Rs. + the saved interest from your regular EMIs which is available for you to withdraw in between if you need so

      Limit = 54,37,715.00 – It’s the as on date actual loan outstanding amount

      Drawing power = 54,37,715.00. – It’s the as on date actual loan outstanding amount

      Please check the below link to understand Max Gain product.




  2. Dear Kumar Manoj, It seems your loan account is Max Gain. Please confirm.



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