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I wanted full details about Jeevan Saral Policy 165, as intial agent intersting told me at age of 60 i can get 1 crs by paying 6000 per month, still i cant belive as any company can pay that much money, needed more clarity on this policy and kindly suggest i should go for this policy or not

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  1. Ramesh says:

    First tell us, what has your agent told you.

    Given a sufficient time frame, 6000 per month can give you 1 crore even in a savings account or even in the piggy bank. So, do not fall for that figure of 1 crore. Get the details and only then you / we / us can do some calculations.


  2. BRSINGH says:

    This is the LIC link for policy.
    LIC endowment policies are just crap and does not give good return. Don’t go by the words of the agent. Jagoinvestor contains so many articles and queries on the same issue on LIC plans. Please go through them.

    Try to get a 1Cr term insurance for you as its very cheap (i have form Bharati Axa) and invest rest of the money in Mutual Fund and other products where you get very good returns.

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