Joint development of plot

POSTED BY KCR Raja ON November 29, 2012 3:46 pm ONE COMMENT

I want to sell my land to a builder and get flat/s and or money in return. What should I watch out for so that I am not taken for a ride by the builder? What clearences are required from local authorities and how to make sure that the builder has obtained them? What are the declarations to be made to IT department during filing returns?

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  1. NIce .. this is how it works most of the times when builders take land from farmers (I know you are not) . Just sharing what I know

    Option 1 – Either builder pays a good enough money to the land owner for the full land and takes the control . This is good option if you want the full benefit now !

    Option 2 – Builders give some token amount to land owner , even that is a good one and then share the profits on 40:60% basis . 40% with land owner , but in this there is more potential in profits but comes with risk 🙂


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