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POSTED BY Bharat Sachin ON August 12, 2012 6:05 am COMMENTS (3)

Hi All,


I have invested 2.5L 3years ago in post office KVP in my mother’s name. I also invested in flat for an under construction property in chennai recently. My next payment is due to builder in 3months (about 10L) and I am thinking to surrender my KVP now so that I don’t have to take loan from bank yet. If I let the KVP mature it I will get 5L after 5years. I can arrange my own funds of 7lakhs in 3month for payment to builder and will have shortage of 3L.

Is surrendering KVP makes sense? I am only delaying taking house loan from the bank as much as possible as I dont’ have to start paying interest.

Please give your insight and valuable comments.


Bharat A


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  1. Bharat A says:

    Dear Ashal,

    I can take loan from someone for 2.5L but I personally don’t like to take loan from friends or relatives. If I let my KVP mature and wait for another 5years I will get 5L but the value of this amount will be worth only 3L or so.

    If no other option I will avail homeloan. The reason I am trying to delay homeloan is I am thinking to apply for SBI Max gain. I already have home loan approved from HDFC but haven’t availed any loan yet.

    Bharat A

    1. Dear Bharat, for the given situation that you neither want to loan from friends nor banks, please surrender this KVP & use the amount for your need.



  2. Dear Bharat, if you are not going to surrender that KVP & not going for home loan, from where do you think to provide the amount?



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