urgent enquiry Kotak ace investment plan policy

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mr manish

myself deepak kanodia having insurance plan in kotak ace investment ulip

this is just for enquiry purpose.

suppose i do not want to pay my premium  onwards for remaining 4 years as 5 years lock in period and had paid only 1 year premium.
or suppose i want to discontinue my policy.

so when will i get my fund value back and what charges will be deducted from my fund value and how much i will get?
and will kotak pay me interest on the fund value and how much?
plz give in details what charges the kotak will deduct and what interest will it pay


deepak kanodia

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  1. Kotak Support Team says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have noted your concens. We request you to write to our official id: clientservicedesk@kotak.com along with policy no. to ensure security of your policy details. We will be glad to assist you.

    Kotak Support Team

  2. A lot has changed since the initial article was written in 2009.

    Now you may be able to discontinue the ULIP even after 1 year with very minimal losses. This is what will happen:

    1)You will lose 6% of Year 1 premium/6% of Fund Value/6000
    2) This amount will be invested in a Discontinued policy fund and will earn the Savings Bank rate for upto 5 years from the start of policy and will be returned


  3. Rosh says:

    Dear deepak kanodia,

    Plz. spare some time to read & understand the terms & conditions of the policy document.
    also read the article written by manish..

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