Kotak Flexi Plan 11

POSTED BY Bijesh Venu ON January 16, 2013 7:06 pm COMMENTS (3)

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  1. Dear Bijesh, please read the T&C of your policy to know the applicability of the 2 things.

    Surrender charge is different than service charge.

    So please read & update all of us.



  2. Bijesh Venu says:

    🙂 Sorry for the trouble , i thought i clicked the publish button.

    I have taken a Kotak Flexi Plan 11 on feb 2008 and its completing five years on coming feb.
    I decided to withdraw the plan and called customer support and they informed that there will be 2% service chargefor it. My query is that is it legal to take surrender charge after 5 years?


  3. Dear Bijesh, what’s the query?



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