Large Cap Mutual Funds

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What are large cap Mutual funds..?

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  1. Parth Bisani says:

    Dear Ashal,
    I figured out about this (CIS) service after Debanjan (Read the above conversation) suggested me about fundsupermart and after that I posted my queries to them which have been now answered.

    Thank you for the concern.

    Parth Bisani

  2. Parth Bisani says:

    Hi Debanja,
    I went through and have figured out that the answers posted in their forums are very simple for a layman to understand. I posted my further queries at and surprisingly all my queries have been answered in such a short while.
    Thank you for assisting me. Appreciated 🙂

    1. Dear Parth, can you define your risk taking abilities? if your investments are down by 50% within 6-9 months of investments, what ‘ll be your reaction. Be honest to answer.



      1. Parth Bisani says:

        Accordint to the Risk profiler on fundsupermart I am a Moderately Agressive investor. As i said i want to start investments for my future. I would definately keep a track of my investments but at the same am aware that equity funds would have market risk and i will witness some volatility . I would definately be worried if my investments fall fro 50% but i wont panic and out for an answer.

        If markets have also dipped by the same levels then i would just give it some more time but if it is because of my choice of my funds then i might look at some changes

        1. Dear Parth, can you yourself define this moderately aggressive thing? On a scale of 0 to 100 for risk taking abilities –

          0 should be conservative
          50 should be moderate
          100 should be aggressive

          Now where ‘ll you put your moderately aggressive thing? Is it 55 or 60 or 75 or 95?

          I’m unable to understand this jargon. Do not know how much do you undeerstand the same for yourself?



          1. Parth Bisani says:

            Hi Ashal,
            I have already figured out that I fall under moderately agressive investor and accordingly I have figured out a plan for myself.

            For further info please go to and check the site. I have got a personalized client investment specialist, who guides me and answers all my queries.

          2. Dear Parth, This personalized Client Investment Specialist (CIS), I assume is a relationship manager assigned to you by Fundsupermart. Glad to know that you are able to get all your answer from him/her.

            Please forgive for my continuity to posting questions again & again to you. Why this CIS did not make you understand the very basic question – What are large cap Mutual funds..?

            Please clarify.



  3. says:

    Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. Since you are a young and long term investor, I would suggest you to go for mid cap, multi cap or small cap funds. Small cap funds has the ability to returns more than double if the markets remain stable in future.

    Since I am not a financial planner i am not in a position to give you suitable advice for a perfect portfolio, but you can visit for further details. They offer free research reports which you can follow. I have invested my hard earned money through them and I must say that I am very lucky and fortunate to be their members.

  4. Parth Bisani says:

    Hi Debanjan,
    Thank you for a quick response. I have acquired a better understanding of Large Cap Mutual fund but I am an young investor with pretty long term investment horizon, and moreover, I can take risks. So please help me out with a suitable portfolio investment? Or can you please suggest me with some online sites, through which I will get more knowledge?

  5. says:

    Hi Parth,

    Hope you are doing well!

    Mutual fund houses have different parameters for choosing a large cap fund. Mostly, the companies which have got more than 1000 crore of market capitalization are taken as large cap companies and then the mutual funds invest in them accordingly. These companies have got maximum potential to grow and earn higher profit since they have large amounts of money at their disposal which can often be used.

    The primary objective of the large cap mutual funds is to seek robust capital growth by investing into the stocks of large corporations and frontline blue chip companies.
    Large cap mutual funds are generally less volatile than their counterparts which are Mid Cap and Multi Cap mutual funds.

    However, the returns are generally low when compared with other classes as they are exposed to lesser risk, but on the long term, these funds have outperformed its peers. It is advisable to invest in Large-cap Mutual funds during volatile market conditions.

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