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I took an LIC Policy in Aug, 2012 called Jeevan Anand for Rs.5 lacs sum assured with a premium paying term of 16 years. Till now, i have payed only one half yearly installment of Rs.17,971. Now i want to discontinue the policy.

Is there anyway so that i can get my money back.

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  1. Dear Mohan, what w’d you like – A finger amputated today or an Arm tomorrow?

    A plain answer for your query is already given by dear Manish, that you ‘ll not get those 17K Rs. back.



  2. There is no way you will get back the money if you discontinue it before paying 3 yrs premium .

  3. Biswa Singh says:

    Just take a little bit of pain to go through the blogs and forum queries. Not only you will get your answer you will learn a lot. This question has been answered many times.

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