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Dear Manish,

first of all thanks a lot for all the information you share with respect to the financial arena. its really enlightening and informative and helps to strengthen the financial situation.
i would just like your advice for my financial portfolio.
i am a 24 yr old single male based in mumbai. at present i have just invested in the LIC Jeevan Anand last year and i also have a old LIC Policy of Jeevan Saral which will mature next year. apart form lic i have no investments in any other mode or instrument.
in the due course of time i have learned from you and some other sources that LIC investment is not a very sound investment and TERM PLAN is the best thing to insure life which is quite affordable and cheap.
so please instruct whether i should immediately discontinue the LIC Jeevan Anand policy and buy a online TERM PLAN and would the premiums paid in the Jeevan Aanad policy would be refunded or could be settled with Jeevan Saral. 
Also do inform me some handy tips sound investment for both long term and short term with good returns.
looking forward for your reply.
Abhishek Singh

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  1. Vivek says:

    agreed 100% with ashal’s answer

  2. Dear Abhishek, first a word of caution, please do note disclose your personal mobile number openly as it may invite trouble to you in the form of spam calls.

    Regarding your basic query, please purchase a term plan as per your need. Please stop that Jeevan anand policy. You ‘ll not get any money back from it. The prem. paid by you already can not be adjusted towards Jeevan Saral. You w’d have to pay Jeevan Saral prem. from your own pocket.



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